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There are 3 main types of upholstery leather: Aniline, Semi- Aniline & Pigmented.

ANILINE - A delicate and sensitive hide that is dyed through with only a light surface finish/protection. This leaves the most natural look and feel that will age beautifully over time. A more careful maintenance and understanding of this type of leather is required by the tanner and customer.

SEMI-ANILINE - These hides are dyed through and then given a light pigment coating. This maintains the natural look, luxurious touch and also makes the leather more durable and easier to care for than an aniline.

PIGMENTED - These hides undergo the same processes as aniline and semi-aniline leather, but are then given additional pigmented finishes and treatments to enhance the yield and durability to make the leather easier to clean and maintain.


Swatch books and individual samples of all the leathers shown on this website are readily available for immediate despatch to you or your customer. They are for
colour reference and finish only and should be regarded as no more than a guide as colours naturally may vary from batch to batch.