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Would you like to move towards an eco-friendlier AND SuSTAINABLE leather range?

The exquisite Olivenleder® leathers within this collection are tanned with wet-greenOlivenleder® which is a globally award winning patented technology.

Why choose Olivenleder®? The benefits are:

Ecologically sustainable
The ingredients for a sustainable product should not only be harmless to the environment during production but ideally have a positive effect.

The wet-green® olive leaf extract is exclusively made from leaves of the olive tree. At present, these leaves are often burned!

Economically sustainable
When producing from renewable raw materials, the good intentions often have a reverse effect as damage is caused elsewhere. For example, agricultural land may no longer be available for growing food.

The olive tree leaves used for the wet-green® tanning agent accrue anyway during pruning and harvesting!

Socially sustainable
Whether it is appropriate that people have to labour under ignoble conditions when making a product is a question everyone needs to answer for themselves.

In some Mediterranean regions, the production of the wet-green® tanning agent was able to create new sources of income for farmers. wet-green® make sure that they are paid fairly – for wet-green®, this is an aspect of social sustainability.

Magic Molecule
Using the power of nature, the Olive leaf extract used for the tanning agent is exclusively made from the fallen leaves of the Mediterranean Olive harvest. No tree is felled, no plant sacrificed and no field cultivated. It is a natural by-product. Manufactured in a similar way to brewing tea and complying with the stringent demands of the food industry.

Natural by-products
Rematerialisation by utilising a by-product to tan a by-product. Repurposing what was once considered a waste material into a new resource for a product. i.e. using the fallen olive leaves and fresh, un-salted raw hides.

100% Natural
The tanning agent is made from Olive leaf extract.

The Olive leaf extract is good for the environment and free from any risks to mankind. The production requires less energy to produce as well as preventing many tons of carbon dioxide emissions as the fallen Olive leaves are no longer burnt!

Chrome-free & Metal-free
Tanned with 100% natural Olive leaf extract. The wet-green® tanning agent is free from metals and any chemically synthetic reactive tanning agent.

The extract of Olive leaves is 100% made from renewable raw materials and can circulate completely in the biological cycle. Waste water can be fed to the waste water treatment plant.

Cradle to Cradle
The wet-green® tanning agent has been Certified to “Gold” for the sustainability of the material flow.

Material Health
The wet-green® tanning agent meets the top standard “Platinum” in the category “Material Health”.

Kind to Skin
The wet-green® tanning agent has been rated “very good” by the Dermatest seal of approval.

Reduced Manufacturing Process
The pickling process of tanning is no longer required.

These leathers are produced by tanneries that have been rated GOLD by LWG (Leather Working Group).

Global Awards

The Olivenleder® leathers within this brochure are tanned with the patented wet-green®
technology which is a globally award winning company:

  • Cradle to Cradle Product Innovator Award 2015
  • SEA – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award 2015
  • Launch Nordic Winner 2015
  • Dermatest – “Very good” rating*
  • Material Health – “Platinum”*
  • Sustania 100 – 2015
  • Cradle to Cradle – Gold*

*wet-green® tanning agent

wild-olive sustainable leather collection

Wildlife is a distressed aniline hide that has been tanned with 100% natural wet-green® tanning agent. It is then finished with waxes that are exempt of pigments to create a high-end classic aged look with a slight pull-up effect. It is chrome-free, metal-free, sustainable and made from renewable raw materials. To enhance its beauty and proof of origin, this leather may show more natural scars and characteristics.

Ecology is a beautifully soft, supple & pigmented hide with a small, uniform emboss to help maximise the cutting yield and durability. It has been tanned with 100% natural wet-green® tanning agent. To enhance the durability, this range requires a small amount of EU regulated pigments (less than 5%) that are as yet not natural but we are working on it. It is chrome-free, metal-free, sustainable and made from renewable raw materials.

More Colour options. Please contact us for more details

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